As an company of innovation, our mission is to create new products constantly. Employing the the versatility of PU and together with our expertise, we strive to add value with our out-of-the-box solutions.

We warmly welcome your ideas on material design, as well as discussion on how we can turn your business ideas into solutions with our Technical Research & Development team.

Our focus is to develop products that improve the environment by saving energy or increasing sustainability.

Introducing some of our hyBrids


U-Pillow was develop at a right density using cost-effective memory foam technology, so that it provides the maximum comfort and support for travellers and those preventing tech necks.


APU Hydroponic Foam
We have developed a medium for hydroponics which allows for households to easily grow seedlings and vegetables without the need for an expensive setup, equipment or soil. We are currently supplying to various urban farms locally and overseas.

APU Spray Foam

Utilizing industry knowledge and technology, we developed our spray foam system (used in buildings, structure support and insulation aid). Providing temperature regulation, cost savings and greater returns, the spray foam system is popular with homeowners and the construction and engineering industry. With customizable formulas for every need and situation, this spray foam provides an efficient all-in-one approach.

With new complexities of the current businesses challenges, we need to build teamwork between more than one professional discipline, for a stronger multidisciplinary project team & real world problem solving. APU is hiring a Hybrid Technology Innovator.

Please note some of the Research & Development Works below:-

  • To work in all areas of the Technical Department, including following up on technical matters, research and development of polyurethane raw materials.
  • To engage in all aspects of supervision and quality control of production/trial batches.
  • To provide technical information, service and support to local and overseas customers.
  • To assist in product development and research on the formulation of new polyurethane systems.
  • To trial run and test new polyurethane systems.
  • To prepare all molded samples and liquid samples for the company’s customers and for physical testing.
  • To prepare and issue formulation sheets for production and trial.
  • To maintain all Technical Department records (i.e. Research and development workbook, formulation file, quality control file, etc.) in good order, and to comply with all safety regulations of the company.
  • To maintain laboratory equipment and processing machines.
  • To think out of the box and find innovative and creative solutions for the customer’s needs and our own
  • To co-ordinate and assist the worldwide customers regarding technical activities of the company.
  • To assist as required in maintenance of company equipment and factory/building maintenance.
  • With hybrid travelling, to provide supports and services to international customers.

For more information, please email innovation@apu.com.sg or WhatsApp +65 9664 6688.

APU Core Values

Priority to Customer Passion For Excellence People Enhancement Partnership Focused Involvement in Community Activities