Viscoelastic Foam

Viscoelastic foams were originally developed in the 1970s at NASA Ames Research Center, California, in order to improve seating comfort and g-force protection for astronauts in spacecrafts. Due to limited availability commercial applications were, for many years, limited to aerospace and medical applications for pressure sore prevention. Viscoelastic mattress and pillow mould to the shape of your body evenly distributing your body’s pressure and giving improved circulation. This reduces the need to toss and turn in bed improving the quality of your sleep. Clinical studies have shown that an average turning of 80-100 times per night would reduce to 17-20 times on a viscoelastic mattress.

    13514862 - bright pillows isolated on white

    Viscoelastic Foam VS1980

    Application: Pillow



    Viscoelastic Foam VS1750

    Application: Mattress topper


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