Innovation Products

As APU is the expertise in Polyurethane, we become innovative by applying it at different sectors or organisations.

    Green Hydroponics Foam 5

    Innovation Products Hydroponics Foam

    Application: Urban Farming/Indoor Farming

    We provide to diversified industries such as hydroponic farms, agricultural farms, roof-top planting (waterproofing), vegetable rise-room thermal insulation, medical container thermal insulation, furniture and etc.

    We are able to customise our PU foam bases to your unique requirements. Several features you can find and tailor-make in our PU Foams are:

    1) Variety of density – depending on the type of plant.
    2) Good re-saturation.
    3) Easy moisture control.
    4) Inert, chemically inactive.
    5) Low risk of root rot.
    6) Made in Singapore
    7) In stock, on-time delivery

    APU’s Green Hydroponic Foam
    provides :

    — Superior Cost Saving 💰 & Higher Growth Efficiency 🍀with Productivity Enhancement.
    — Improved Plant Health and Germination with Better, Energy-saving Rooting Effectiveness. 🌱

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    Innovation Products Shoe Soles

    Application: Footwear, Shoe soles.


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