Innovation Products

As APU is the expertise in Polyurethane, we become innovative by applying it at different sectors or organisations.

    Green Hydroponics Foam 5

    Innovation Products Hydroponics Foam

    Application: Urban Farming/Indoor Farming

    We provide to diversified industries such as hydroponic farms, agricultural farms, roof-top planting (waterproofing), vegetable rise-room thermal insulation, medical container thermal insulation, furniture and etc.

    We are able to customise our PU foam bases to your unique requirements. Several features you can find and tailor-make in our PU Foams are:

    1) Variety of density – depending on the type of plant.
    2) Good re-saturation.
    3) Easy moisture control.
    4) Inert, chemically inactive.
    5) Low risk of root rot.
    6) Made in Singapore
    7) In stock, on-time delivery

    APU’s Green Hydroponic Foam
    provides :

    — Superior Cost Saving 💰 & Higher Growth Efficiency 🍀with Productivity Enhancement.
    — Improved Plant Health and Germination with Better, Energy-saving Rooting Effectiveness. 🌱

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    Innovation Products Shoe Soles

    Application: Footwear, Shoe soles.


    Train seats foam

    Innovation Products Fire Retardant Train Seat

    Application: Train/Plane seats

    We have developed fire retardant train seat with added fire-retardant chemicals to minimize the risk of fire and reduce the damage caused by flames. The fire train seat is essential safety features in modern trains as they can help to prevent the spread of fire in the event of an accident.



    Fire Safe Hybrid PU

    Innovation Products Fire Safe Hybrid PU

    Application: Building/Construction/Vehicles/Transportation

    Accidents that leads to fire breakout do happen. In view of these, our R&D has developed Fire Safe Hybrid composite PU that adheres to ISO1182 Fire Test Standard is use for testing and verification of non-combustible materials. It is able to withstand extreme high head (tested up to 750 degrees Celsius) without occurrences of combustion.


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