Mould Release

APU’s mould release agents have been developed in Germany for the Polyurethane Industry.

APU specialize in: 

–  CFC-Free Solvent Based Release Agent
–  Release Agent Concentrate
–  Water-Based Release Agent

Coupled with the experience in the polyurethane systems and machinery, APU is able to offer the right product for every application.

We listen and take care to ensure that our Customers achieve: 

–  Good releasing effect
–  Economical usage
–  Low buildup on mould
–  Clean moulded parts
–  Environmentally friendliness
–  Paintable release agent
–  Safe handling

We invite you to look at our product range. If you do not see what you need, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. Quality of finish as well as economics, are benefits of a well-suited release agent.

Release Agents are available for the Moulding of: 

–  Molded Flexible Foam
–  Flexible Integral Skin Foam
–  Structural Foam
–  Shoe Soles
–  Elastomer
–  Rigid Foam
–  TDI Slab Stock
–  Reaction Injection Moulding
–  Tractor and Off Road Vehicle Seats


    Mould Release CRA9450

    Application: For structural foam



    Mould Release CRA9300

    Application: For integral skin foam



    Mould Release CRA9750

    Application: For flexible foam


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