Core Values

Commitment Policy

APU is committed to promoting, creating, and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace and to improving the environmental quality of our operations and surrounding communities. This effort begins with providing a safe physical plant and hazard-free working conditions. To accomplish these goals, APU adheres to the following Environmental & Safety principles:

  • Minimize adverse environmental impacts or safety / health risks to employees, customers and the public
  • Maintain compliance with all applicable international and local regulations and law
  • Prevent pollution, reduce waste emissions, and commit to reuse, recovery and recycling
  • Secure and maintain all applicable permits and other regulatory approvals required for operations
Emergency Response


ISOPA represents the manufacturers in Europe of aromatic diisocyanates and polyols, the main raw materials for polyurethanes.
The website contains information on the environmental, health and safety aspects of Polyurethane chemicals and is designed to help in the responsible use of polyurethanes and their raw materials through their life cycles.

Emergency Response Link
Emergency Response Manual for Transport of TDI and MDI

Safe handling of empty Isocyanate drums Link
Responsible Management of Empty Diisocyanate Drums

General Safety in The Workplace


Did you know that 80% of accidents in the industry are behaviour related and could be avoided just by making a few simple adjustments to the way we work?

Energy Saving


BING represents the rigid polyurethane insulation Industry in Europe.
Polyurethane is the most economic, efficient, high performance insulation material available, enabling effective insulation with minimal occupation of space.

The British Rigid Urethane Foam Manufacturers’ Association (BRUFMA) is the representative body for the Rigid Polyurethane (PUR) and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) Foam Industry in the United Kingdom. Its membership comprises the major companies in the industry, both manufacturers of finished polyurethane (PUR) and polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam products, suppliers of the various raw materials and machinery manufacturers.

EuroACE, the European Alliance of Companies for Energy Efficiency in Buildings was formed in 1998 by twenty of Europe’s leading companies involved with the manufacture, distribution and installation of a variety of energy saving goods and services. The mission of EuroACE is to work together with the European institutions to help Europe move towards a more sustainable pattern of energy use in buildings, and therefore to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, one of the principal climate change gases.

APU Core Values

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