About Us

Asia Polyurethane Manufacturing (APU), established in 1985, is the first fully equipped system house based in the ASEAN region to tailor Polyurethane systems to the needs of our customers. The Company has grown over the years, guided by the philosophy of providing excellent quality, service, fair and competitive pricing.

APU has its headquarters in Singapore with more than 98 percent of its sales coming from export to more than 42 countries all over the world.

APU continually strives to reduce cost of customers’ operations through the supply of systems that enhance productivity and improve on the properties of the polyurethane system. Our partners and customers’ expectations have grown towards better quality, cost-effective products and prompt delivery. Over the years, APU has become more nimble and flexible to cater to the changing business needs. We will continue our journey of business excellence, environmental consciousness,uncompromised quality and safety.


APU Vision

“To be the world-class polyurethane performance innovator.”

APU Mission

“To provide cost effective, innovative and customized polyurethane solutions by focusing on high quality, prompt delivery, technical service and support to enhance the productivity and performance of our partners and end customers.”

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