Other Products & Services

In APU, we have worked with clients to understand their need in order to customise and develop products according to specifications.

We provide customization for:

1)     Unique Finished PU products

2)     PU Customized End products

3)     Specialized PU Material

4)     High performance raw material

These are examples for application areas we work with:

  • Waste water treatment linings
  • Pipe/pipeline coatings & linings
  • Manhole & sewer things
  • Flooring & Parking decks
  • Bridge coating
  • Truck bed liners
  • Railcar lining & track containment
  • Water parks & Playgrounds
  • Landscape & water containment
  • Fuel storage & containment
  • Aquarium linings
  • Architectural design
  • Theme park & decorative design
  • Roof coating
  • Marine
  • Automotive fascia OEM moulded parts
  • Line Striping
  • Joint fill & Caulk

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